Ten International Games That Should be Banned Immediately

These Popular Games Should Be Banned Immediately Owing to Their Dangerous Fatal Nature

We all know that indulging in physical exercises, games and sports are necessary for good mental and physical health. But do you know that some games are not necessarily the healthiest ways of getting that blood pounding in your veins? Let us take a look at some rather dangerous games, playing which can even lead to you losing your life.

  1. GamesChoking games– This is also known as fainting game and such “games “are played by attempting to strangulate a person using your hands or a noose. This will lead to a choking effect, which may lead to a high feeling of syncope and euphoria. There are two ways this state of mind can be achieved: either through strangulation or self induced. The danger is that unwitting and reckless teenagers can easily throttle or strangle each other to death, in the excitement of the game. Data have shown that children who died as a result of participating in this game were between the age of 6-19.

Reasons why children get involved in this game include being pressurised by peers, as part of initiation rites into some group or gang, out of self curiosity and as a means of inducing some kind of intoxication in themselves, i.e. to get high without taking drugs.

  1. Cinnamon Challenge– Another game played by thoughtless youngsters which can lead to possible suffocation and hospitalisation is the cinnamon challenge. Recently , doctors have advised against it after the so called prank act was depicted in a youtube ad, which went viral and lead to increased calls to hospitals. The person has to try and swallow a spoonful of cinnamon powder without taking a sip of water in sixty seconds.

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You Will Never Buy Lazy Larry Melatonin Brownies Again

Melatonin Laced Brownies aka Lazy Larry Cakes- Why You Should Not Buy Them?

MelatoninMany of us are hooked to lazy larry brownies; and love to indulge in then once in while. Do you know why these brownies make you feel so good? It is the melatonin in them that is responsible for the heavenly feeling. But all is not as promoted by the manufacturers.

Read on and you will know why we are against a favorite cake of many and why children should never consume them. Continue Reading →

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A Wine a Day Keeps Wrinkles Away-Thanks Resveratrol

Did You Know Drinking Wine Can Prevent Aging? The key lies in the Miraculous Resveratrol

ResveratrolDrinking wine can actually prevent aging and even increase your lifespan. No, I am not making up a story. Wine contains a magic molecule which is believed to possess the power of increasing your lifespan. This magic molecule is called by the tongue twister of a name, Resveratrol. In fact, the action of resveratrol is considered to be the reason of the French Paradox phenomenon.

According to this phenomenon, the French who consume more fat and alcohol per head than any other country, show the least number of incidences of heart attack and cancer. This phenomenon is maximally observed in Gascony where the Gascons consumes the highest amount of fat and alcohol. One of the main reasons for this is the presence of resveratrol in the red skin and grape seeds of grapes, from where wine is obtained following fermentation. Continue Reading →

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Encourage Students To Get a Tattoo

Do You Know Why a Lot of College Students are Crazy About Getting a Tattoo? Here Are Some Interesting Reasons We Found Out.


Tattoo wearers stand out. They proclaim they are unique and different and do not follow the conservative rule following society. They convey an impression of being anti-social and bad.

But are they truly bad? And when you are in an educational system, having a tattoo can really lead to conflicts with the authorities who want to impose their views of what to wear and what not to wear on you. And in their eyes, wearing tattoos is considered an act of challenge.

The History of Tattoo

Tattoos have a history going back around 5000 years, going back to Bronze Age. Tattoos were also discovered to be in use in Siberia, almost 2500 years before.

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Drink More Water and You Die-Water Intoxication

Everyone recommends drinking a lot of water, but did you know a lot can kill you? Water Intoxication is a common phenomenon.

Water IntoxicationWe all have heard about the dangers of alcoholic intoxication and to what consequences it can lead to including liver cirrhosis. Would you believe it, if I told you that drinking excess of water can lead to death? Shocking, isn’t it?

One of the world’s most gifted people Andy Warhol died of water intoxication. IN 2007, a 28 year old woman died as  a result of water intoxication, as a result of taking part in an excess water drinking competition.

She drank six litres of water in three hours, vomitted, had a horrible headache and passed away as a result at her home, owing to the severe destruction of the water balance of the body. Continue Reading →

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Love Sleeping? Be Ready to Damage Your Brain

Sleeping longer leads to decline in brain function! We have evidence that proves this.

SleepingAh those pillows, that bed! How many of us love to spend hours sleeping and waking late? Yes, I am sure many of us are sleep lovers. But, alas, we may have to curtail our precious hours spend cuddling and snuggling in bed. In essence, too much of anything is bad for health. So read on and find out about the causes, the dangers and the effects of oversleeping on your brain. Continue Reading →

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Now Perfumes Help You Find True Love

Splash on a Bit of Your Own Odor and Attract Sexual Partners sand Find Love! Spray your secret attracting factor-pheromones to charm the opposite sex! Pheromones

Love makes the world go around or so the saying goes. And our perfume industry is trying to capitalise on this saying by creating products which are supposed to speed up the process of finding your love. One such product which has captured the attention of perfume manufacturers, scientists and the love lorn is pheromone perfume. Yes, now this enterprising industry is manufacturing and promoting perfumes containing pheromones, in order to boost up your sex factor amongst the opposite gender and increase your dating chances. But what in the world are pheromones?

What are pheromones? Continue Reading →

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Never House These Common Pets-Shocking

Did you know some commonly kept pets shouldn’t be in your house? Check out worst pets to have

petsKeeping pets is not a fad or a hobby that you can start or stop any time you want. It is a serious responsibility. A helpless animal is dependent on you for its survival and more importantly, for your love. So, you just cannot treat it as something which you can discard, when you have outgrown its importance. Having said that,if you have decided to keep a pet, and are committed to it, then again you need to be careful when you choose a pet. There are so many kinds of animals which are kept by pet shops and there is an increasingly popular though not exactly advisable habit of keeping exotic pets. So how do we know which to choose? Some factors which can be used o guide your selection are size, cost, maintenance, how much area it requires and of course likability factor.

Here are some examples of animals which SHOULD’NT make it to your list.

 Avoid Keeping These PetsPets

  • Monkeys –They may seem to be cute and just the kind that can be babied. But remember, they are wild animals and unpredictable. They are NOT safe enough to be kept as pets. They can really freak out and grab things from you. They can also be carriers of transmissible diseases.

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Did You Know Earth Can End in 2014?

Our Planet is Not as Safe as We Would Like it to Be! It can end anytime! 

Here are Some Possible Astronomical Dangers to Earth in 2014

Astronomical DangersWe are a small entity in a universe filled with mysteries and objects of all kinds floating and whizzing about. Looking at our often very ordinary lives, rooted in the present, focussing on ordinary matters, very rarely one gets time to think about what is happening in the great dark unknown out there. Very recently, the film Gravity sparked off the latent question hidden in my mind. Are we really at threat from outside forces?

And the answer to my research was, we are and can be very often at the threat of such forces. What are these which threaten our daily existence? Continue Reading →

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Angry Mobs Are Good For the Country-Embrace Mobocracy

A mob is not just a group of people. Directed correctly, the energy of mobocracy can revolutionize a country!

MobocracyWe have heard of mobs at shopping malls waiting to meet celebrities or mobs in sports events, and even cities being overrun by mobs during times of riots and disasters and who indulge in all sort of mayhem but rule of a country or a place by a mob? It may sound crazy but it has happened many times. Yes, this is not funny or weird, it is true. History is replete with instances where mobs have often replaced the aristocrats or democrats or even a group of leaders.

Mobocracy refers to the state when a country or nation is governed, ruled, dominated or whose functioning is dictated by the whims of a group of motley, disorganized individuals with no direction, no positive motivation rather motivated by chaos, disorder, anger and negativity and particularly destructive. Mobocracy involves Continue Reading →

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