Real Fur, Better Than Faux Fur Despite the Animal Killing

Killing an animal is painful, but I still recommend choosing real fur over faux fur – Facts why real fur is better

Real FurThere must be very few women who have not fallen in love with those beautiful mink coats seen in films and certain shops.

Real fur is beautiful and expensive but comes with a heavy price, the price of the death of an animal. Fur has been the subject of beauty contests, debates, discussions and tussles between those who love wearing fur (the socially rich and mobile) and animal rights activists.

Animal rights activists vehemently oppose the use of fur as they say it involves the needless killing of an animal to satisfy the selfish wants of human beings. They in fact recommend the use of faux fur instead of real fur, which according to them provides all the benefits of having a fur, without having to sacrifice an animal for it. But does wearing an artificial fur really confer all the benefits, which the activists boast about? Are they really worth it? Continue Reading →

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Lose Weight With Sunbathing

Gyms will hate us ! The EASIEST way to lose weight- sunbathing! 

SunbathingSunbathing is a very common age old practice in countries with limited amount of sunshine as well as in islands and places with coasts. There are even beaches dedicated for sunbathers or sun worshippers. While it may look like just another pleasurable, holiday activity, sunbathing has many benefits associated with it. This is aside the fact that excess sunbathing and use of tanning saloons are harmful to health as they may lead to skin disorders owing to prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultra violet radiation.

Positive Effects of Sunbathing

The reason why sunbathing is so popular throughout the world Continue Reading →

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Personal Branding Can Change Your Life Like Nothing Else

Why personal branding is crucial and how it can be improved

Today’s world is fast moving and fast changing with no certainty and guarantees as to professional success and employment prospects. Every day we hear of layoffs and retrenchments, dismissals and firings, people losing their jobs and careers, often for no faults of their own and in spite of terrific curriculum vitae. In light of these uncertainties, it becomes very important to take steps to ensure that you do not lose out on the professional front owing to reasons beyond your power. One very important thing you can do to ensure this is to create a very powerful and vibrant personal brand.Personal Branding

Yes we know about brands. We are aware of the brand power of companies and organisations and the products and services they promote but the power of I? Yes, the power of I or Personal Branding has taken on an all new importance in view of the instability and changing dynamics of the corporate and industry. It is your personal brand which will build your image, your reputation, your contacts and ensure that you are able to thrive and survive in the dynamic professional world.

How do you build your Brand and Carry Out the Perfect Personal Branding?

Continue Reading →

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Start Hating America! Anti-Americanism is good!

I am all for anti-Americanism !! Ouch !! Some of you must be squirming or even fuming!

Hold your horses and read on to know why global anti-Americanism can be good.

Anti AmericanismAnti-Americanism – refers to the opposition and hostility to anything American. This could include culture, politics, business practices, economy, customs, way of life, American, attitudes towards other people and races.

More importantly, it also refers to the thinking within Americans and American leaders which goes as Americans first and others last kind of patronising approaches. It also refers to how little Americans are aware of what goes on in the other parts of the world, their ignorance and their idea of themselves as a perfect little country.

Anti-Americanism is also an outcome of the selfish and narrow minded policies pursued by America for its own ends. The defining characters of Anti-Americanism include: Continue Reading →

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Women Politicians Are Better than Males, Says Research

Are Women Politicians Effective? Do women make better politicians than men? Read on and be a part of this gender debate.

Women PoliticiansHa. Now this is a question which indirectly relates to the “men are from mars and women are from venus” concept proposed by John Gray. Who makes better politicians- men or women? Is it just a feminist hype or are women politicians better indeed?

Check out what most people agree. You might be surprised. Leave your views if you disagree with what most people say!

Going by many opinions including some from men, women politicians are indeed better. Politics is an area which needs considerable talent and exercise of your acumen, brilliance, social skills, effective management abilities, considerable discipline as well as adherence to certain basic principles of conduct both professionally and personally. Continue Reading →

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Ban Internet Censorship-Showing Us Everything is Good, Now Proven

Internet Censorship is Absurd and Should be Banned. You Will Agree With Us Once You Read Why

The internet has brought the world closer, has broken barriers and made a huge and unfathomable amount of information available online to all, if they have the skill and awareness and the desire to search for it. This has resulted in a war between the   controllers and regulators of internet privacy and freedom in countries especially governments, spying and intelligence agencies as well as enforcers of religious and political ideologies and the average person.

Internet Censorship How much too much is the freedom of the internet? How dangerous and threatening is it to the existing entrenched systems? How much is it a detrimental factor to the thriving business monopolies be they art and music, science or technology, religious or political? Continue Reading →

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Don’t Ban Fatal Waterboarding

I Say Waterboarding – Known as One of the Most Torturous Punishment, is not Torture and Should not be Banned. Do You Know Why?

WaterboardingFor those of you who don’t know what it is, waterboarding is an interrogation technique in which a person is strapped onto a board with his head facing down, with mouth and nose covered and water is poured over his face, in large volumes. It leads to involuntary gagging and creates a feeling of drowning. This has been considered to be highly torturous.

The recipient can suffer both physically and emotionally with the trauma continuing over years. The physical consequences include extreme pain, drowning simulated stress and trauma, suffocation, damage to lungs and brains due to oxygen deprivation, broken bones and so on and the person can suffer mentally for years. It can even lead to death by vomitus as the vomit travels upwards into the breathing passages. Continue Reading →

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Is Yawning Actually Contagious

Is Yawning Actually Contagious? Or is it just a coincidence?

YawningYAWWWWN. A yawn leads to automatic stretching and relaxing of the body and it feels so comfortable. We tend to yawn whenever we feel sleepy or we feel bored, or whenever we are tired after a day’s work. What is more, the phenomenon of yawning is spread across all categories of animals from mammals, to reptiles and birds and it is thus a behaviour which has been preserved over a long period of history. This has raised questions as to what is the purpose of yawning and why has it been preserved for so long a time, without much changes and in diverse species? Is there something more to it than simply a response to tiredness as we have assumed so long?

What happens in yawning?

Continue Reading →

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Feminism is Here To Stay, In Fact Feminism is the Future

Does feminism have a future? Is it here to stay or was the feminism wave just a hype that will jade with time?

What is the future of feminism?


Theoretically, feminism refers to the movement leading to establishment of sex and gender equality through social theories and political activism. It is the women’s liberation movement.

The movement which started to ensure equal rights for women in every sphere  of life including personal to professional life, economic, political and social society, Equal opportunities in employment, and education and Fair treatment in accordance with merit. To be not disempowered. To be not taken advantage of.  It aims to ensure gender equality by reducing or redressing the causes which lead to gender discrimination.

The term “feminism/”feminist” first appeared in usage in 1872 in France and Netherlands first and later in the UK and the US. When it was introduced, it was considered to be a very dangerous Continue Reading →

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Does Distance Learning Actually Work? You will be Shocked.

Do students who study through distance learning actually succeed? How viable is distance learning?

Distance learning refers to the mode of education which is not conducted through traditional classroom kind of lessons as is done in schools and universities, where you have to be physically present but rather through off site learning. The students are separated both by time and space from the places where they are attending their courses.

Distance Learning

Usually distance learning courses are undertaken by those who are too busy or have full time work of their own which makes it difficult for them to join as a full time student. It can be also taken by students who are unable to attend school full time for economic reasons or they have not been successful in the traditional courses.

There are two kind of distance learning courses: Continue Reading →

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