Do You Know Why a Lot of College Students are Crazy About Getting a Tattoo? Here Are Some Interesting Reasons We Found Out.


Tattoo wearers stand out. They proclaim they are unique and different and do not follow the conservative rule following society. They convey an impression of being anti-social and bad.

But are they truly bad? And when you are in an educational system, having a tattoo can really lead to conflicts with the authorities who want to impose their views of what to wear and what not to wear on you. And in their eyes, wearing tattoos is considered an act of challenge.

The History of Tattoo

Tattoos have a history going back around 5000 years, going back to Bronze Age. Tattoos were also discovered to be in use in Siberia, almost 2500 years before.

Tattoos have been known to be used in Egypt from where it spread through the world, first to Mediterranean countries, Europe, south east Asia and Japan. In Japan it developed into an art by itself and lead to the practice of the full body tattoo. Tattoo usage became prominent in New Zealand with the typical full face tattoos, Polynesia and Samoa became famous for its intricate tattoos and elsewhere it spread too. However, the church was negative on tattooing and considered it an act of defiling and laid impositions on its usage. Initially, tattoos had many uses ranging from religious to decorational purposes to even as a protection from evil and harm. Later on their usage became very popular with seamen and sea farers and even acquired a negative overtone as they were used to mark out criminals. Even today these tattoos are used for deriving aesthetic pleasure, religious purposes, group identity etc

So if it is so widely used, has a rich history, has aesthetic and decorative value, there comes the question why are they frowned on in colleges,? Even though tattoos have come to be more acceptable in recent times,there are concerns that usage of tattoos may leave a permanent impact on the career prospects Authorities have concerns that tattoo usage is negative, is associated with negative habits such as drug usage, smoking and drinking which may impair and lower academic focus. But facts also indicate the positive side of tattooing and why they should not be discouraged. In fact,some schools and colleges may be flexible as in allowing reasonable tattoos to be displayed and asking for covering up of extravagant tattoo patterns on the body.

The Benefits of Having a Tattoo

TattooRecent trends show that tattoo usage and popularity has increased in the college going population. In 1991 surveys showed that 15-25 % of the population seemed to be tattooed and a huge proportion of this were college students. In addition,tattooing is also on the rise in adolescents. Displaying tattoos help them to display and showcase values which reflect what they are.

Reason being that for them it symbolises a powerful sense of identification with a group, appealed strongly to their sense of identity and helped them in creating their own distinctive image. These are all parts of the natural process of growing up into adults. Search and acquisition of identity is vital for the development of college students. Tattooing is a method of self expression. In fact recent studies have shown that 60% of the tattooed students reported higher grades and even were more regular in attending religious functions. Presumably, this gives them a sense of self esteem which makes them more amenable to other societal requirements, with other things. (Greif et al,1999, p. 3) Also, tattooed students are more risk taking, creative and adventurous and less inclined to conform to societal expectations. These are qualities which we need to inculcate in students in today’s competitive world.

In addition, concerns of physical risks can be ameliorated by educating students of safe tattooing practices and the importance of getting it done by recognized practitioners.


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