Did you know some commonly kept pets shouldn’t be in your house? Check out worst pets to have

petsKeeping pets is not a fad or a hobby that you can start or stop any time you want. It is a serious responsibility. A helpless animal is dependent on you for its survival and more importantly, for your love. So, you just cannot treat it as something which you can discard, when you have outgrown its importance. Having said that,if you have decided to keep a pet, and are committed to it, then again you need to be careful when you choose a pet. There are so many kinds of animals which are kept by pet shops and there is an increasingly popular though not exactly advisable habit of keeping exotic pets. So how do we know which to choose? Some factors which can be used o guide your selection are size, cost, maintenance, how much area it requires and of course likability factor.

Here are some examples of animals which SHOULD’NT make it to your list.

 Avoid Keeping These PetsPets

  • Monkeys –They may seem to be cute and just the kind that can be babied. But remember, they are wild animals and unpredictable. They are NOT safe enough to be kept as pets. They can really freak out and grab things from you. They can also be carriers of transmissible diseases.


  • Dangerous animals seem to be the in thing. Animals like wild cats, lions and tigers are a definite no. No matter even if they have been trained or have grown in domesticated conditions. There is no prediction when the natural wild behaviour will assert itself. Even if otherwise safe, their huge size, claws and teeth are dangerous enough to cause accidental mawling and death. So please, it is great to play a little with fire but not to put your head outright inside the oven.


  • PetsSnakes– Yes, these slippery, rubbery, animals have also become popular as pets for some extremely courageous souls. Snakes look good in the hands of a snake charmer or a professional but are NOT good in the hands of an inexperienced person like an average pet owner. There are no shortage of reasons: presence of fangs in case of venomous snakes, one sting and you are gone. In case of non venomous snakes like boa constrictors, there are high chances of your being squeezed to death. Would you want to suffer agony for a fad sake? Having said that, if you are really stubborn , look out for non venomous snakes that are easy to take care of and kept safely within..or else your neighbours will come calling.


  • Iguanas –a kind of lizard with an extraordinarily dinosaur like face. These are not safe pets to handle and definitely not ones to be coochie cooed over. When they are young, they are easy to take care of but as they frow older, they will become more unmanageable, may keep sneaking off here and there and also develop some very irritating habits like digging holes in gardens. So if you really prefer having constant battles with your family and your neighbours, then and then only go ahead with an iguana. Appearances are not deceptive, in this case.


  • Large birds– Avoid large birds as they need lots of space, lots of social interactions and can be aggressive without them. If you like your pets mighty, then you may need to enjoy getting a bite of their might.


  • Wolves– the ancestor of the modern day dog. An admirable animal in its own,Pets
    independent ways? But as pets? They are very very independent and wild by nature and can be unpredictable and also they live in a pack. They needs lots of exercise and meat. Does that sound like a viable idea for you? Go for a dog any day. They will be easier to train and take care of.


  • Parakeets– When it comes to keeping birds as pets, the smaller and cuter ones also do not fare great in the list of what not to keep as a pet. Parakeets are pretty adorable, colourful, of Australian origin . While their needs are simple, as in they just need seeds for food and water, what they do following that can be very annoying. I am referring to their shrill beeping and shrieking, which results in tremendous torture to the listener. So, if you are that kind of an owner who wants his or her peace of mind and a little bit of quiet in the house, then parakeets would be the worst choice you can make as they are known to buzz and speak continuously. Another fact is they can be pretty good bullies to fellow parakeets. Get my sarcasm? Yes! Most irritating is the fact that they can shit all over the place and it is not easy to clean bird poop from all over the house. You will really end up regretting. So don’t go for cute faces.  


  • PetsGoldfish may look cute, pretty and easy to keep but keeping them requires you to be a dedicated fishtank cleaner. You really need to spend a lot of time, every week changing their water and filters because they are very good at making water dirty with their fish poop. So choose a goldfish if and only if you are looking to serve as a full time cleaner for your pet. In addition, you really need to be a scientist and ensure that all those vital parameters regarding the environment are kept in tick tock order.  


  • Some may prefer water loving pets such as turtles and terrapins to take care of , thinking that all you need is to maintain an aquyarium. But beware, turtles outgrow aquariums and you need to keep changing you r aquarium as well as the water. In addition, they are also carriers of bacteria. So think twice before you chose to have a flipper bearing pet.


  • Rabbits may be cute and adorable, furry darlings but once again, they may bePets one of the worst pet to keep in an apartment. They need lots of space and can get nagging and they may end up producing more babies than you know what to do with. 

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