These Popular Games Should Be Banned Immediately Owing to Their Dangerous Fatal Nature

We all know that indulging in physical exercises, games and sports are necessary for good mental and physical health. But do you know that some games are not necessarily the healthiest ways of getting that blood pounding in your veins? Let us take a look at some rather dangerous games, playing which can even lead to you losing your life.

  1. GamesChoking games– This is also known as fainting game and such “games “are played by attempting to strangulate a person using your hands or a noose. This will lead to a choking effect, which may lead to a high feeling of syncope and euphoria. There are two ways this state of mind can be achieved: either through strangulation or self induced. The danger is that unwitting and reckless teenagers can easily throttle or strangle each other to death, in the excitement of the game. Data have shown that children who died as a result of participating in this game were between the age of 6-19.

Reasons why children get involved in this game include being pressurised by peers, as part of initiation rites into some group or gang, out of self curiosity and as a means of inducing some kind of intoxication in themselves, i.e. to get high without taking drugs.

  1. Cinnamon Challenge– Another game played by thoughtless youngsters which can lead to possible suffocation and hospitalisation is the cinnamon challenge. Recently , doctors have advised against it after the so called prank act was depicted in a youtube ad, which went viral and lead to increased calls to hospitals. The person has to try and swallow a spoonful of cinnamon powder without taking a sip of water in sixty seconds.

What makes it fun for the viewers is to see a burst of orange powder from the person’s mouth as he spews it out and then they laugh. But they don’t see that what they consider as a harmless joke can be very dangerous.

The person who is doing this challenge may suffer from dryness of the throat as a result and he can choke/cough/vomit/suffer choking and coughing fits as well as suffer collapsed lungsand be hospitalised. This can be even more dangerous for children with a history of asthmatic or respiratory issues.

The prank has unfortunately increased in popularity from 2011 to 2012 with the numver of children suffering as a result going up from 51 to 222

3. GamesHurling – A British traditional game called Hurling is peculiarly dangerous. It dates from very ancient times and is a crazy combination of golf, soccer, rugby, lacrosse and wrestling. So one can imagine the violence and danger in this sport. The game involves tackling of a ball which are thrown at super high speeds and during tackling, which can be of a very violent nature, injuries and even deaths can be inflicted.

4. Calcio Fiorentino– Another dangerous game of Italian origin, which can lead to casualties is Calcio Fiorentino. It is a form of football but again extremely brutal in its approach and especially the way the player is allowed to get hold of the ball using the most violent approaches including chokcing, headbutting and body blows. As you realise, this game has very high potential for fatalaties and even though it had been discontinued for a while, it is now reawakening interest in Italy and ideally, should be banned before casualties start happening.

5. GamesBuzkashi – Another peculiar, repelling and violent game, played in the tribal parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asian Countries is Buzkashi. In this the mutilated,and sand bagged body of a calf is used as a ball and teams try to grab it from each other and put into the goal. Asides the gruesome nature of the ball, it can get to be a pretty rough and tough experience with passions and tempers running high and violence and injuries can occur.

6. Car Surfing – Another dangerous game is Car surfing which is popular in the US. In this, teens ride the roof a car and it is so dangerous that even at low speeds, you can fall when the car stops and the resulting acceleration/deceleration of your body against the movement of the car, can cause fall and deaths. Most of the deaths were of children between the age of 15-19.

7. GamesBullfighting, the traditional fight between man and bull in passionate Spain is another sport which combines brute force and cruelty. Even though it is the bull who is tortured and weakened and then allowed to die under the matador’s weopon, there are cases where the deaths of matadors at the hands of these bulls can occur. Hence in terms of cruelty to animals as well as the dangers to matadors or others, it is best to have this game banned.

8. GamesHeli-skiing is another sport which has been banned in countries like France. This is involves skiing downhill in a natural environment, without a need for trekking. The problem here is without adequate practice and preparation, you can fall and break your neck.

9. Cave Diving – Other examples of extreme sports which can lead to death is cave diving and surfing 50 foot waves. The reason for the extreme hazard is that the environmental conditions are uncontrollable and cannot be predicted and can lead to the most serious injuries, even with death and even the oat experienced surfers can turn victims

10. Base jumping– This is another crazy and dangerous sport, undertaken by adrenaline junkies and people who love to challenge themselves. As the name implies, people just throw themselves from heights, bridges, rocks, cliffs, buildings wearing only a parachute.. This is extremely risky and requires lots of training and practice..

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Buzkashi By McKay Johnson (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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